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Livingston couple builds solar home, featured on DIY Network TV show
Building an off-the-grid house in six months last year while living with three children in a wall tent was the most challenging activity in Livingston couple Mark and Erica Lighthiser’s life … so far.
Friday's Mega Millions drawing
Here are the results of Friday's Mega Millions lottery drawing:
Laramie shoemaker passes trade to the next generation
LARAMIE — The story of Mattimore Harness is one of old and new combining in different ways.
Live Well Wyoming: Have you had enough water today?
Whether you’re low-energy, moody or having trouble thinking as clearly as you’d like, Sammie Stephens offers the same suggestion: Try drinking water.
Open Air: With energy producers beginning to post profits, do you think the bust is coming to an end?
Each Sunday we ask you a question about an issue important to Wyoming, then print what you think the following Sunday.
Controversial coal company plans to produce coal for products, not electricity
Wyoming’s newest coal company in the Powder River Basin plans to mine coal not for electricity, but as a product to be used in cars and airplanes.

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