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Powder River Basin mines produced 283 million tons of coal last year
Powder River Basin miners dug 283 million tons of the dusty black rock that fuels the nation’s electricity from the soil last year.
A Cascades ski patrol has been rescuing people since 1970s
SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. — Dylan Currie knows what it's like to get into trouble in the backcountry.
Saturday's Powerball drawing
Here are the results of Saturday's Powerball lottery drawing:
Unique Wyoming paleoindian site given historic landmark status
To the casual observer, the site looks like another valley in the midst of rolling Wyoming prairie. Junipers and ponderosas roll in one direction. Grasslands stretch in another. A stream cuts through the middle.
Liz Cheney on Russia and NATO
Wyoming’s U.S. House Rep. Liz Cheney sat Wednesday for a wide-ranging interview with the Star-Tribune. Below is a lightly edited and condensed transcript of her answers about Russia and NATO.
Wyoming waits for impact of Obamacare repeal
While politicians in Washington debate how to replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, Rock Springs teacher Amber Schwartzwalter argues with the insurance marketplace’s phone service and worries about the future of her coverage.

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